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Free minds cannot be caged and we strive to do all that we can to allow them to have an access to their own creative self and express themselves in different forms.

Creativity is not just a part of education. It is also a way of imparting education, often more effective than books. We constantly conceptualize and implement newer and more innovative ways of making learning fun for students. One such way is providing students with multiple outlets for expressing themselves. For instance:

  • Every floor, irrespective of the grade, has soft boards put up with the purpose of letting children express their thoughts in a colourful form
  • Another way of keeping the spirits lively is music. While most schools sing the same song every day, ours changes every week.
  • A new theme is introduced in the assembly every week and a class is given responsibility of interpreting the theme in their own creative ways in front of the entire school. The theme changes based on festivals, special occasions, events, etc.

The school also has many facilities for the arts housed in our Performing Arts Centre. Here, we have a fully equipped dance studio with a wooden floor and mirror wall and a large acoustically-treated music room. Besides these, lie smaller individual rooms where students can practice their own instruments in a more secluded space. The school provides both Indian and Western classical instruments as well as more modern instruments such as electric guitars and drum kits.


The school also has three other venues used for the arts. The auditorium is fully equipped as a venue for drama and music performances while an amphitheatre provides opportunity for external productions on a variety of scales.


Speech & Drama

This is another area encouraged by the school. Students learn to speak and deliver words well, both in Hindi and English, through Elocution Competitions, Debates and through performances at House Socials. The performance of a short play or series of sketches is the highlight of many house events with the main Annual Founder’s Day graced by a play involving many of our best young actors. The Auditorium, Amphitheatre and other smaller venues allow our students to experience a whole range of acting environments