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Wider Education

ESL Coaching Language support to non-English speaking children is provided until they become efficient users of English by specially trained ESL teachers. Effective revision program Comprehensive and effective revision programs have been prepared for students appearing for final board examination so that they face the examinations with confidence.


 Foundation coaching

  • NTSC
  • IIT

Specialized class for the above is organized at our institutions for the students who plan to take up these examinations.


Our students have many opportunities to broaden their education. We provide a weekly timetabled work experience programme, which allows our students to experience skills as diverse as needle and thread to aero modelling. Students are also encouraged to visit local villages each week to teach English to both adults and children.


We also run a series of careers workshops. Professional counselors come from Hyderabad. In their initial visit, these counselors provide our students with general advice about colleges, universities and careers. This allows students then to focus more effectively and to formulate their own ideas, which can then be discussed individually when the counselors return to school.