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The Schoolday
At Residential Campus

The school day is a busy one and has been carefully organized to ensure that students have ample scope to maximize the utility of their time in not only the academic work but also all round development.

At our Residential School the day begins at 05.00 in the morning. The pupils attend either a Martial Arts Class or a Meditation cum Yoga Class. After these classes the students have their breakfast and hot milk. The breakfast in fact is a phased program. The children of the classes IV to VIII will have the breakfast first followed by the students of class IX and then by the students of class X.

After the breakfast the children go to a formal prayer meeting and from there to the respective class rooms.

Formal teaching and instructional classes continue up to 02.00 pm with a break of an hour for lunch. Again lunch is a phased one depending on the pupil’s class.

After the instructional classes are over the guided study classes begin. These classes are quite different from the regular study classes. Though guidance from teachers is available from the teachers during these study classes, it is very much limited and a pupil is encouraged to learn his lessons all by himself. This method aims at making the pupils self reliant and turns them into life long learners.